Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lewis clan...

Last weekend I went to Jacksonville to visit my family, as it would be the first time in forever that all 4 of my siblings and I would be in the same place! It was a lot of fun to see everyone. While I was there, my sister Kristin asked if I would take a Christmas picture of her, her husband Brian, and their 8 kids. Trying to get everyone to smile and look at the camera all at the same time was tricky! But they were a lot of fun, and I think some of the "outtakes" are my favorite!

Outtake #1: Check out Michael's (little guy in the front) expression!

The kids liked this one...

This one really shows some of the personalities.

My personal favorite...

While I was there, we all got together to celebrate Jessica's birthday. While we were at the restaurant, she announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Scott. We are all so excited to have him as part of the family!

It was so neat to have everyone together again. Here's me with my siblings: Jessica, Luke, Kristin, and Melanie.

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