Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Oh my goodness - how time flies. I can hardly believe that my baby is growing up! It seems like just yesterday that he was born! His 2nd birthday was on Sunday, so we had a little party for him, complete with pizza, cookie cake, and a "new car." Though I think he was a bit overwhelmed with all of the activity, I think he had a good time. He's having fun playing with his new toys!

Here he was two years ago. This picture was technically taken on the 25th (he was born on the 24th), but he was born in our home less than 12 hours ago (but that's a whole other story!)
This was his first birthday. Can you believe how much he has changed!
Showing me his pizza...
He loved his new truck from Aunt Melissa... but he wasn't sure at first.

He didn't quite get the whole present thing.. I could really only get him to open one.
His new car! It came from Grandmom and Pop (Mark's parents) and it was a hit!

A new slide from Mark and I
The paparazzi
He had to show off his new car to the neighborhood kids...

It didn't take him long to break the steering wheel!
Watching a movie from his favorite spot.
Cookie cake!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Unwelcome Visitor

Thanks to Fay, it has been quite an interesting week! We started feeling the effects of the storm on Tuesday, but it didn't seem to bad: a little wind and rain is no big deal. However, darn if that storm didn't stop and sit on top of us that night! The thing literally stalled right over us - we were even in the eye for a little bit. All we could do was sit and watch the water level in the street begin to rise... and rise... and rise. Finally, Wednesday afternoon we packed up and walked (swam?) around the corner to our friends' house, as the water was literally inches from coming in our house and theirs was on higher ground. I couldn't believe it - as we walked down the sidewalk, the water was halfway up my thigh! But, praise the Lord! Right after we got to their house the rain finally stopped. We spent the night there, and then first thing the next morning we came home to find that though the water was still high, it had begun to receed.
After several days of being cooped up, Chris was about to go crazy! So, we figured we'd let him play in the garage... good grief, what were we thinking?? It took all of about 2 minutes for him to start inching into the water... and about 2 more for him to trip and fall which resulted in a full soaking! At that point, I couldn't keep him out of it. But we really don't want him to get in that nasty water again, so we made the decision to have him go stay at Mark's parents' for a couple of days! This is the first time we've been here without him since he was born - it feels really strange! I miss my baby! But, I am SO grateful for the chance to get things in order here without having to entertain him. I have so many projects, and finally the chance to get some of them done! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for being willing to help out!
Here are some pictures from the past few days. Some of them have really poor quality, as I used my camera phone...

This was at 8:30 Wednesday morning. Mark tried to leave to go get sandbags, but it was already too deep to get out of the neighborhood.

Entertaining Chris quickly became a challenge! He did play for about 10 minutes with a bunch of buttons and random containers..
This was right before we left for our friends' at around 3:00 Wednesday. See how the water is coming up the front walk!
This was our backyard at about the same time. The gray area behind our neighbors' screened area is supposed to be a pond... but it came into our backyard!
Here's the water coming up our front walk.
OK, another random Chris shot. His newest word is "cereal" (it is SO CUTE to hear him say and sign it!) so I decided to let him try his first bowl... it was a success!

This is Mark carrying Chris to our friends' house...
This was the street right around the corner; the mailbox in the middle is our friends'.
When we came back the next day, this was how far the water had come up. Only a few feet from our front door!
Once he put his feet in, the rest quickly followed. He pushed an old stroller out to the sidewalk and then climbed in! In this picture he is saying "more"; he wanted me to take him for a walk! (and I did!)
This is him pushing the stroller a few streets over from our house. He definitely got a bath after this excursion!

We are so thankful that we did not have any damage. It literally stopped just in time, as our house was minutes away from being flooded. Our God is so good!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Voting is still open!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me yesterday! At the moment, it doesn't seem like I have a chance in the world - I am way behind in the polls. Either some of those girls have some great connections, or they have somehow figured out how to get around the "only voting once per computer" rule. Mark says there are some computers that have changing IP addresses? Anyway, I checked just now and found out that voting will stay open until Wednesday night! So if you haven't voted yet, I would really appreciate it! And if you could pass this on, that would be great too. Click here to vote; scroll down to Day 1 contest. I am entry #10. Thanks again for your support! I have been so excited every time I've checked and seen how many votes I have. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Help Please!!!

Hey! I need your help! One of my friends is running a contest on her blog, and the prize is pretty sweet: a custom blog! Wouldn't you like to see this blog look really pretty??
Anyways, the rules of the contest were that I had to submit a picture of me wearing heels and holding a sign that said "I want to spend the day with Scarlett." I am posting my picture here... but just know that this is WAY out of my comfort zone!! I would really appreciate your vote, though. You can vote by going to her blog and scrolling down to the bottom of the post and clicking on "Caroline." You can only vote once... per computer. Pass this on! Thanks so much!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Busy Brain Dump #2!

I know, I know. I've been slacking on the blog again. Things have just been so darn busy! On the home front, Mark is working two jobs plus going to school. So needless to say we aren't seeing too much of him these days! It is really a difficult season, especially for him. It is one of those times where I know God has a plan, and that it is good, but I just wish He would hurry up and fulfill that plan so we could just move on!
With both a growing toddler and a growing business on my hands, lets just say I am never bored! But I couldn't be happier about it. I absolutely love being a mom, and having this business is something that I would never have even let myself dream about!
On the business front, I am in the process of switching labs. I want to be able to offer a broader range of products, and my new lab, Pictage, will allow me to do that and so much more. If you'd like to see what a gallery looks like, let me know!
I have also been busy with some album designs. I finished a coffee-table style album for Travis and Dar-Lin today, and have a few more to start on. And, of course, there's always pictures to edit!
As for Chris, he is just as busy as Mark and I. Of course, his "busyness" consists of driving his trucks, begging for some tickling, watching his favorite movies, manipulating me for goldfish crackers or cookies, trying to "help" me unload the dishwasher, reading his books... he never stops!
Lately he has discovered "kisses". Whenever he is doing something that he is not allowed to do (screaming, for example) we'll tell him "no". So he then responds by running over and giving us a kiss! If we aren't close enough, he'll kiss whatever is within reach - a piece of furniture, a toy, etc. I'm thinking that he is doing it in an attempt to get out of a spanking? I can't help but laugh, though - it's really cute.
Ok, enough talking. Here's some fun pictures!

I made some cookies last week... Chris loves cookies!!

I had to wash the car last week, and Chris had fun "helping" me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Congratulations Jim and Melissa!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot Jim and Melissa's wedding. And I really had a lot of fun! They were so nice from the moment I walked in the door, and I loved watching the two of them together - both were so thoughtful and helpful. And this was not only towards each other, but to everyone else as well. How many weddings have you been to where the bride and groom were the last ones to eat? They really wanted all of their guests, who were mostly family from out of town, to enjoy themselves. Both of them seemed so relaxed and laid-back, and it seemed that everyone had a good time.

This one is my favorite!

Their ceremony was so simple, but so beautiful. They were married on the deck of the Pelican Club in Satellite Beach.
Usually I don't post the formal shots on my blog, but these were important to the two of them. So we took some serious ones...
And some not-so-serious!

Rob with Phoenix Entertainment did a great job as the DJ. He played a great mix of music, and really kept the party going.

Jim wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting his feet in the water... especially after he decided to leave his socks on!

Congratulations you two! I pray God's blessings on your new life together.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A long week...

Sorry I haven't posted all week! But it has been one of the longest and most exhausting weeks we've had in a long time. Mark was really busy with his schoolwork, so as a result I don't think we made it into bed before 12:30 all week. So because he was so busy with that, it meant that I was mostly on my own as far as Chris is concerned. Which wouldn' t be so bad if we weren't hitting the "terrible twos"! Between his refusal to take a decent nap all week, his inability to keep himself entertained for any length of time, and his decision to no longer eat vegetables (he went to bed hungry twice!) my patience was VERY THIN. And it also meant that I didn't get much work done.
When it comes to the work, it doesn't help that our office is under construction! Our office furniture sold, so now Mark is hard at work getting the room ready to become Chris's room. Once that happens, I get to set up the "new" office! I am so excited about that part of the process! Here's a picture of my current workspace:

For someone who is a bit OCD when it comes to being organized, it has not been easy!

On a side note, we are hoping for a better week. Mark is finished with school for a few weeks, and Chris took a 4 hour nap today... and even ate his vegetables at dinner. :)