Monday, August 31, 2009

Ryan and Brittany are Engaged!

I have to admit, I was a tad intimidated at the beginning of Brittany and Ryan's engagement session. I had never met either of them, as they live in Louisianna but were in town visiting Ryan's family. We had planned to meet up at a gas station so that they could follow me over to our first site... I was standing in the parking lot when up pulled two cars full of people! It turned out that their families wanted to come along for the fun. And while I confess I was a little nervous at first, it ended up being a great time! Their families were fabulous, and I enjoyed getting to know them as well.
And it helped that Brittany and Ryan were such a fun couple to work with! Not only are they adorable, but they seemed completely at ease in front of the camera - which is very rare. They were willing to do anything I asked, which also helps :)

Is this hot or what?!

We liked the writing on the bridge in the background :)

I loved Ryan's glasses.. and that I could see Brittany's reflection in them.

I think it's cute how she holds his finger!

The whole gang :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bryleigh and Elliana: 6 Months Old!

I know I say it every time, but it is amazing how quickly babies grow! When Bryleigh and Elliana were born, they were 2 months premature and just itty-bitty. Now, they are 6 months old and in roughly the 75th percentile for their size! And it's always fun to see their new "tricks". Both girls are standing (with help), and apparently Elliana loves to roll over from her back to her belly - where she then gets mad because she's "stuck".

For our session this time, we grabbed a few at their home and then headed over to the beach.

I love Bryleigh's face in this one- it is a kind of a "what's up?" expression :)

I was going to take out the girl in the background on the right, but she was just too funny. Though you can't tell in this shot, she was totally posing and taking pictures of herself with her phone!

Here they are in the chair so that we can see how much they've grown; here they are at 5 weeks
and 4 months.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Good grief - I can hardly believe how quickly time has gone. Can it really be that my baby boy is now 3 years old?!
Last night we had a little party for him. It was fun watching him open and play with his new toys. But I realized that being a parent is really a lot of fun - I loved picking out his gifts, and was more excited about him opening them than he was! Here is a few pictures of the fun...

Pizza for dinner: his favorite!

His buddy Jason

Playing with balloons ;)

His new pirate ship

We got him a flashlight since he is always trying to steal Mark's. It was a hit - he even slept with it. It only took him about an hour to kill the batteries ;) We're going to invest in some rechargeables!

He got a scooter from Grandmom and Pop - he loves it!

Checking out his cake...

He was really excited about the M&M's!

I really wanted to get a picture of both Chris and Anna together. If she looks a little wide-eyed in this one, you'll see why in the next picture...

(yes, I did stop him right away!)