Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Affair!

So after a fairly uneventful (ok, so I ALMOST missed my connecting flight!) trip, I made it with all of my luggage (yay!) to the most beautiful island ever! Seriously - if it wasn't for Mark and Chris waiting at home for me, I don't know that you could ever get me away from here! It is just breathtaking. Think Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer, and heaven all rolled into one. I haven't taken too many pictures yet - we have our first shoot this afternoon - but here's a few of what greeted us.

The view from our back porch

I am staying in the official "Party House." Check out the stash!
We all had these soft, furry robes waiting for us!

Everyone here is SO helpful, encouraging, and fun! They are quick to answer questions, and there isn't any "cattiness" or competition. Just a few minutes ago one of the girls plopped down on the bed next to me and gave me some great photoshop tips. I think I am in heaven... I have a great roommate, and have made several other friends as well. God is so good!

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Kristin said...

You deserve to have the time of your life! I couldn't be happier for you -- soak it up!