Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please Pray

Please, please, pray for Chris. The doctor ran some tests to find out what has been causing his diarrhea, and it turns out he has something called clostridium difficile (commonly known as C. diff). It is a bacteria that lives inside the intestines of some people, but can also be passed around in places like hospitals or daycare, or anywhere that people don't wash their hands. But for the most part it remains dormant until the infected person takes an antibiotic, which then kills the good bacteria that has been keeping the C. diff from taking over. (Last month Chris had an ear infection, and I went against my gut instinct and allowed the doctor to give him an antibiotic.) I am really not sure how to handle this. His doctor prescribed a medication, but I am leery of giving him anything unless it is absolutely necessary, because of the side effects. (The medication that the doctor prescribed is listed as a possible carcinogen!) I am going to meet with the pediatrician tomorrow to ask more questions, and from there I may ask to be referred to a specialist. There is so much info on the internet that I am finding myself confused and overwhelmed. But I know that God is not a God of confusion and disorder, so I am trying to pray that He will lead me to the answers.
I am also searching for a new pediatrician - preferably a holistic doctor - who will help me deal with things in a more natural way. I am so tired of the medical community as a whole. Now, I know that doctors can do a lot of good when needed. However, our system in this country is so messed up. Mark and I have already decided that not only will we look for a new doctor for Chris, but for ourselves as well. Here's why: each and every time I have gone to our doctor, I have seen at least one drug rep. in the waiting room. The reception area is overflowing with pens, calendars, mouse pads, trinkets, etc. all bearing the name of one drug or another. Each time I have seen the doctor, he has spent less than 5 minutes in the office with me, quickly given me his diagnosis, and then written out a prescription for some drug. One time I went because I had a persistent cough, and I was told it was reflux. (it wasn't) I just wish I could find a doctor who knew that there are other ways of dealing with some illnesses other than an expensive prescription! Even at Chris's doctor, when I told them last week that I wasn't going to fill the prescription for a supposed ear infection, I was looked at like I have 3 heads! I just want what is best for my family. So please pray for wisdom, as well as for Chris's health.

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