Monday, December 1, 2008

Congratulations Ana and Gonzalo!

A few months ago at a workshop, I met Errol and Sam of Errol Colon Photographers. We quickly became friends - they are seriously two of the nicest people I have ever met! We kept in touch via facebook and email, and then Errol invited me to come over to Orlando to shoot a wedding with them. So Saturday I headed over to spend the day with them shooting Ana and Gonzalo's wedding.
The entire day was so much fun! I also got to experience a lot of new things. For one, the wedding ceremony was a full hour long Catholic mass - it was beautiful! Not only that, the entire service was in Spanish! Very cool! (Even though I didn't understand a single word of the service!!) After the ceremony we headed over to the Lake Mary Events Center, which was one of the most beautiful reception locations I have ever seen. After dinner, everyone of course started dancing. And then I got to experience a Venezuelan tradition appropriately called "crazy hour." All of a sudden a girl comes out dressed in a costume and ON STILTS - she was probably about 10 feet tall! She had bags with her of hats, masks, whistles, glow sticks, etc. which she began to hand out to all of the guests. And then for the next hour everyone - and I mean everyone - assembled on the dance floor and DANCED. I have never seen anything like it! Unlike most weddings, where a handful of people dance and everyone else watches, every single person in that room donned at least a hat and danced like crazy. It was incredible! I loved every second.
Thanks so much Errol and Sam for letting me tag along! I had a great time!!

(That's the groom's mother going between her legs!)

Me, Errol, and Sam

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errol said...

Hey Caroline love the colors and angles of the photos great job...thanks for hanging out with us!!!