Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miscellaneous life - lots of pics!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks! Busy as usual... I'll try to fill you in without boring you :)

After leaving Chris for a couple of days when we went to Vegas, I decided to try to get in some "quality" time, and I let him help me bake some brownies. This was his first cooking experience, and I think we both had a good time! He liked dumping the ingredients in and helping to stir.

Of course, he loved licking the batter!

And the finished prodoct turned out pretty yummy ;)
Unfortunately, within a few days of coming home from our trip Mark started complaining of a headache, chills, achiness... yep, you guessed it - he'd caught the flu. He ever so graciously shared it with me, and then if that wasn't bad enough Chris picked up some kind of respiratory infection. I took him to the doctor, and he's now on a nebulizer for his cough as well as an antibiotic for an ear infection. Usually I try to avoid the antibiotics, but as I am going out of town and leaving him with Mark and his parents, I thought it would be best to go ahead and get rid of it. Fortunately, we're all doing much better now!

Even Baby is doing well; here's a 27 1/2 week shot. I can't believe I am less than 3 months away from holding my baby girl! There is so much to do to get ready!

Ok, now for Valentine's Day.. We didn't do too much, as I am trying to get ready to leave for my trip tomorrow. But I did manage to make a pancake breakfast - yes, they are pink (it's only food coloring).

We got Chris a little toy dirtbike; it was a hit!

It has been such a crazy couple of months that I never got around to sending out Christmas cards. Part of the reason was that I didn't have a picture of the three of us to send out with them. Yesterday, though, one of my friends wanted me to take some maternity pictures, so I dragged my boys along so we could get a shot. And boy, is it hard to get a two year old to cooperate!! This was the best one we could manage... there was no way he was letting go of the bubble container, though.

Here's one of the outtakes... still kinda cute, though.

I love my little boy! He's getting so grown up.

Mark trying to keep Chris out of the water...

He was NOT excited about sitting still for the pictures. Whenever we tried to hold him he squirmed and fussed until we let him go run!

I tried so hard to get him to cooperate!

Ah, the joys of raising a toddler!
Stay tuned for lots more pictures.. I am leaving at 5 am tomorrow for WPPI in Las Vegas, and I know there will be some great shots coming! I can't wait to tell you all about it!


TXMom2B said...

I think I like the outtakes best! That last one is absolutely precious:-)

Kristin said...

That last pic is my favorite! You and Mark look so cute trying to smile & hold onto Chris!