Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas

I know I have been terrible about posting pictures of our family from the past few months... I have taken millions, but just haven't gotten around to going through them. But, I wanted to at least get some pictures from Christmas put up.

First of all, I took Anna's 7 month photo on the 15th, and added it to the group.. she's getting so big! In the past month she has started sitting up. She's getting a little better at sleeping - while she isn't sleeping all the way through the night yet she's getting close, and naps are getting more consistent. But the funniest thing about her is her favorite toys - trucks! Just like her brother! If she gets ahold of one of Chris's trucks, she'll chew quite happily on it. It I try to take it away, boy does she get mad! And she has absolutely no interest in baby toys.

I decided to try gingerbread houses with Chris. To my surprise, it actually held his attention for a little while!

Christmas Eve we went to a later service at our church.

All ready for Christmas morning!

Anna woke up first, and then Chris. Mark and I were already up and waiting, and as soon as we heard him we got so excited that we ran in his room and dragged him out to the living room. We thought he would go nuts over the truck that we got him.. but I guess we should have given him a few minutes to wake up. For the first few minutes he just sat and stared, and wouldn't touch anything!

Anna seemed excited :)

I love how they love each other!

We convinced him to open a gift, and then he started to get a little more excited.

Anna was only interested in the tag. She literally chewed it off, and then lost interest in the toy.

I got her her first baby doll.

See - more interested in Chris's trucks!

FINALLY, he decided that he would sit in the truck.

After that it only took a minute for him to try to drive it out of the living room (it wouldn't fit).

So we took him outside to let him drive it.

The basketball was another gift. Our neighbors were kind enough to give us a basketball hoop that they were no longer going to use.

Back inside and checking out his stocking.

Sweet girl!

One day when I was out shopping with the kids, Chris picked up these pink shoes and carried them around the store. So, I got them as a Christmas gift from him to Anna. I couldn't convince him to hand them to her, though - he threw them.

Later that day Mark's parents and sister Melissa came up. Chris got a keyboard from Grandmom and Pop - the perfect gift for our music-lover!

They also got him a really neat airplane that comes apart - complete with a drill.

I hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating Christmas! We were so grateful to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our family. We feel so blessed to be able to provide for our children, and also for all the Lord has given us.


Kristin said...

Such sweet pictures!!!

Candi Coffman-McKinney said...

your little ones are so cute Caroline!