Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome Baby Mark!

Recently my friend Brenda had a little baby boy, Mark. This crazy girl now has 3 boys -I wonder how long before she has to pad her walls?? But I stopped by her house to grab some shots of the newest addition. It was strange to be around a newborn again - I'd forgotten how small they are!

Milk coma :)

Little boy feet... Zach, Mark, and Luke

Luke adores his newest brother... Zach is getting there :)

When this kid sleeps, he SLEEPS! We were moving him all around for these pictures, and he didn't so much as make a peep.

Sleep smile!

What a life..

Congratulations Dan and Brenda!


Melrose said...

wow, she and I have a lot in common! :D It's not often I hear of another mom with 3 boys right in a row! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of her baby in the basket, soooo cute!

Brianna said...