Monday, February 14, 2011

My Pictures

Last week I challenged myself to remember that my camera is for more than just business - but that it can also be used to capture moments from my own life. I had planned on taking a picture a day of some of the beauty that is all around. It didn't go quite as planned....

The first day I was struck by the beauty of the Word as I did my quiet time in the morning.

Later that day I was outside with Chris and Anna, and I decided to bring my camera with me. Chris LOVES riding his bike, but he loves it even more when Devon, who is in middle school and lives across the street (the boy in the background) is outside. Devon lets Chris follow him all over, and teaches him new tricks on their skateboards, bikes, etc. Chris was in heaven.

Then their favorite time of day: Daddy came home! Anna immediately climbed into his car and into his lap.

Both of my kids LOVE watching TV. I try to limit it to no more than 2-3 shows a day - but they ask for it constantly.

I probably should have stopped them from jumping on the furniture, but they were having such a good time together!

Another show... I couldn't help but laugh at my little couch potatoes.

One day Chris walked into the kitchen and suddenly recited the Pledge of Allegiance - I had no idea he knew it! He was so proud!

Me and my babies :)

Anna just ADORES balloons!

Chris was BEGGING to take a picture with my camera... I very reluctantly agreed, and the whole time kept thinking about the amount of money he was holding in his little hands.. but I have to admit he got a cute shot :)

She just loves Mickey Mouse!

Play time with Daddy!

Ok.. so you see, it didn't go quite as planned. I'd envisioned myself taking pictures of beautiful flowers, or a sunset, etc. But instead, I found even more beauty and enjoyment in those closest to me. So, I guess the lesson here is to remember to not just capture moments for my clients, but to look for them in my own life as well.

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