Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collin and Brenna are 4 Months Old!

A few weeks ago I got to do Collin and Brenna's 4 month pictures. They have grown so much in 4 short months - from itty-bitty newborns to babies with real personalities.

I caught a grin :)
The babies turned 4 months old on Easter, so we had to get this shot.

Miss Brenna

Collin isn't quite as strong as his sister, but he managed to hold his head up for a quick shot...

but not for long :)

On Mother's Day, I had the honor of photographing the twins' baptism at our church, Covenant Presbyterian. It was a special day of recognizing the Lord's hand in their lives.

I love how proud Matt and Anya look in this picture.

Collin went first...

Brenna wasn't so happy about the situation :)

After the service we grabbed some pictures of their families, who were in town for the occasion. Talk about some proud grandparents!

Thank you so much Matt and Anya for allowing me the honor of being a part of such a special time!

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