Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

I know it has been forever since I have posted pictures of my own family. I take thousands of pictures of my own kids, but I confess I usually put them on the computer and then don't do anything with them due to lack of time. So I am trying to get better...
Anyways, we had a fun time on the fourth so I thought I'd share :)

We worked around the house for most of the day. Josh is still sleeping in our room at 2 months old because the nursery hasn't been painted yet, so Mark got started on that. After the kids took naps we loaded up and headed to a friend's house for a cook-out.

Anna loves to color!
After filling up on hotdogs, hamburgers, cookies, and cupcakes we decided it would be a good idea to top it off with some ice-cream...
Here's the onset of a sugar-induced coma.

I had to get a picture of just the two of us.. exactly 9 years before this, we were celebrating the fourth with another group of friends... together for the first time... and Mark asked me THE question:
"So... can I tell people I have a girlfriend?"
And the rest is history ;)

Then it was off to watch fireworks. While we waited one of our friends got out some sparklers, which the kids loved!
How many guys does it take to light a sparkler? :)

Anna loved holding the sparklers...until at some point she decided she was DONE. Unfortunately, she decided that while holding a lit sparkler in her hand. She started running over to me holding it out. However, in one hand I was holding Josh, who was wrapped in a (probably very flammable) blanket. In the other hand I had my camera. So I couldn't exactly help her out - all I could do was run backwards and yell until someone took it from her. Ah, the joys of having kids :)

Then it was time for the fireworks!

I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family!


Brianna said...

Lovely pictures! We had a similar experience with sparklers. :) It was my son's first experience with them. Fun times!

Melrose said...

That story about Anna is hilarious, albeit scary! lol