Sunday, March 23, 2008

He is Risen!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is risen! He is risen indeed! What an amazing God we have, that He would send His only Son for us. Oh, the depth of His love for me... for you. I pray that today more than ever you would KNOW the love of my Jesus.

I couldn't help but cry in church today when I thought of my Dad, who was welcomed into the arms of Jesus in December of '01. I thought of him because several of the songs that were sung were ones that we had sung in church when I was young, and I can still hear his strong voice singing them! It made me think of holidays growing up, and how special they were. My dad made a HUGE deal about holidays. And while he was generous with gifts, that wasn't the reason for his excitement. He was genuinely excited about the meaning of the holiday, whether it was the birth of Jesus on Christmas or His resurrection on Easter. So many of my most treasured holiday memories center around that. I am so thankful for those memories! What an amazing example he set.

Here's an old picture from '94...

And here's some from today.

One of our old holiday traditions was frosting sugar cookies. We all had to participate, whether we wanted to or not! So I decided to continue the tradition. (Yes, I know these are hearts and not Easter shapes... my cookie cutter collection is kind of lacking)

Mark's mom got Chris a toy wheelbarrow with some toys.. but he was most interested in the bag of goldfish crackers! Go figure.

Licking the frosting off of one of the cookies :)


Kristin said...

Alright ... where'd you get that picture ;-) You would pick the one where I decided to wear my homemade dress (aacckk!). Funny! Chris looks so cute!!

Stephanie, Henry, Seth and Hannah said...

I remember that picture, probably even remember seeing you that day, as we went to the same church! I also cry in Church when I think of your Dad but it is usually the songs that get me, "As the Deer" and "On Eagle's Wings" are the worst...and yet, they are the best too!