Friday, March 7, 2008

Second Shoot

While at Love Affair Workshop last week, we did two formal photo shoots with some models. Here are some pictures from the second shoot. There were four couples, all in wedding attire, as well as Erica, who is a fabulous model! I was so impressed with all of the models, though, as it was FREEZING (well, at least for a Florida girl!) that day and they were all in strapless little gowns! But they didn't complain, and willingly went along with whatever we asked them to do. We even had one couple down in the swamp! Anyways, I would love feedback on these.


amy said...

The pictures are amazing. Love them. You are gifted, my friend. I am so glad that you decided to pursue photography! Love you. Give Christopher a kiss for me!

Following Forward said...

Hey Caroline. I just stopped by your blog as I do occasionally and I was in awe. You are an amazing photographer!! I'd hire you anyday! I LOVE the shadow kissing one. So ingenious!!!