Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know, I know - I've been slacking on the blog. I know I haven't been good about posting, especially family stuff. It's just been so crazy around here! Mark finished up at Northrup Grumman last Friday, and has had this week off before he starts at Harris on Monday. It's been nice to have him home! However, we have a million projects that we are trying to work on, so I can't say it's been the most relaxing break. It's a really hard balance: when we are working we feel like we should be relaxing, and vice versa. But, the biggest project was the garage - we've been working on it for 5 months now- and I am happy to report that it is FINALLY almost finished.
I've also been really busy on the business end. I have several shoots lined up in the near future, and that combined with getting the website up and running is a full-time job!
...and then there's Chris. It definitely seems that we are entering the "terrible twos" a bit early. We are realizing just how STUBBORN he is! When he wants to do something, it usually takes us telling him "no" and spanking him 4-5 times before he gives up. He gets bored very easily, and is always looking to us for entertainment. However, we still love him more every day, and can't help but laugh at some of his antics. He is finally starting to communicate, which helps. He can say "no", "uh-oh", "si" (outside), and "sh" (shoe). Also, he can sign "more", "all done", and "bath." And he can say AND sign "eat", and "help". It's really cute to watch him, and makes me laugh. Here's some pictures...



"Thank you"

Just so cute!

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Melanie said...

thanks for the family update...I love seeing pictures of Chris, you, mark, and your beautiful, id love some pictures of all the work you guys have done! The last time I saw your house was when Chris was born!