Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trucks and macaroni

Ok, this is going to seem a bit random. But welcome to my world!
For those of you who know Chris, you know about his obsession with trucks. (and that includes anything with wheels). He has adored them ever since he learned to crawl, and they are definitely his favorite toys. He loves to push them over the furniture, us, the floors, walls, sidewalks... So the other day I had put him down for a nap, and I started picking up. I soon realized that I was finding trucks EVERYWHERE! On the couch, under the couch, in the kitchen, in my room, under the dining room table - you name it, and there was a truck there. I had to laugh, and then take a picture of the morning's collection of trucks.

Knowing that we all need to eat more veggies, I recently purchased a cookbook called "Deceptively Delicious". Every recipe in the cookbook has pureed vegetables hidden in it! So the other night I decided to try a little deception myself: I added pureed squash to the macaroni and cheese that I made. It worked like a charm for Chris; he can't eat it fast enough! It's really funny to watch him. He tries to use his fork, so he'll be concentrating really hard on getting the noodles onto the fork. However, when he can't get it he'll give up and use his fingers instead. :) Mark, on the other hand, is not quite so easy to fool. He noticed the slightly gritty texture, and declared "this isn't shells and cheese!" Ah, well, maybe he won't notice when I add the rest of the squash to the pizza sauce tonight...

In other news, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Canon 5D! I decided it was time to make the switch from Nikon to Canon... so stay tuned for more on that. And even more exciting, will be live very soon!! I am just waiting for a few changes from the programmers, and then we'll be all set. I'll post on here the moment it goes live, so keep checking back!

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Krista said...

This is Krista from high school. Don't you just love this cookbook? I use it all the time and the mac-n-cheese is oh so good. Plus you feel like a better mommy for feeding veggies even though they don't know it. the way I love your website. I too am a photographer in Sav. GA.and also have a 5D camera...LOVE IT too! So good to catch up, keep up the awesome work!!! Krista