Saturday, July 19, 2008

Furniture for Sale!

After two years of living in this house, we still feel like we aren't "settled". There is so much disorder and disorganization that it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I heard a quote the other day that describes the state I'm in perfectly: "A disorganized house is a disorganized mind." It is getting to the point where I can't even work any more because I just can't get organized. So, we are making some changes. The room that is currently our "office" is going to become Chris's room, since it is the larger of the two spare rooms and Chris is outgrowing his room. So the room that is currently the nursery is going to become the office (and, hopefully one day soon, a new nursery!) So that means that we need to change some furniture. Our current office furniture is too big for the smaller room, so it has to go. Also, we are going to sell our "bean bag bed". It is a huge, super-soft bean bag that, when opened, has a queen-sized mattress inside. We love it, and it is really comfortable to sleep on, but it is just too big for the space we have. We are pricing the office set at $600; it includes two bookcases, a lateral file cabinet, and a computer desk with hutch. The bean bag we are asking $100. But we are open to offers on any of it!

Edit: the bean bag has sold!

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