Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brain Dump #1

I know of another photographer (the fabulous Millie Holloman) who does this on her blog, and it seems like a good idea... sometimes don't you just have a bunch of random stuff going through your head that you need to put in writing in order to process? I do! So here is my first "brain dump"...
1. Why, oh why, will Chris not go to sleep?? He's been in his crib for at least 20 minutes now, and seems to have no intention of sleeping. Arrghhh... I need the break today! This seems to be happening more frequently now... I am NOT ready for him to give up his nap!
2. Booking for 2009 weddings is in full swing! Thanks to an ad that I put on the Knot, my blog and website have been getting more hits and I have starting booking for the next wedding season. It is so exciting!
3. I am amazed every day by how much Chris can understand, and how much he is learning. We're still at somewhat of a frustrating stage, as he knows what he wants but can't really communicate it. Yesterday he really wanted some juice, but couldn't tell me that which led to screaming (by him) and frustration (on both ends). He finally figured it out, though, as later that night he managed to say "joo" while handing me his cup (no screaming involved!!). Normally I wouldn't have given it to him, as I only give him 1 cup of juice a day and he'd already had two, but since he asked so nicely I had to give it to him!
4. Every day I am more and more grateful, amazed, humbled, and excited by the gift of photography that God has allowed me to share. I think back often to the "Love Affair" workshop that I attended back in February. While I was there, one morning I got up early and went out to the beach, and I think it was there that the reality of it all set in. Never before had I stepped out and done something like this - something completely different for me, something so stretching, and something that was so completely dependent upon God. So with every wedding that I book, every compliment I receive, every hit that I get on my website, I am more and more aware of the fact that God is present and working. It is such an exciting thing to see - words really don't do it justice.
5. It took almost 2 years for Mark and I to get pregnant with Chris. It seemed that my body just didn't want to do what it was supposed to, and so it took a lot of doctor's appointments, medication, and prayers to have him. And it was worth it all! But, we had hoped that by now we'd at least be pregnant with #2. And we're not. It gets frustrating sometimes! Trying to get pregnant with Chris was so hard emotionally. I can't help but think "God, why do I have to go through this AGAIN?! Wasn't once bad enough?!" I hear stories of girls getting pregant the first month they try, or even BY ACCIDENT. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?? It does appear that at least this time my body is trying to do things on it's own, so hopefully medication won't be necessary. But, just as God has been in control of leading me to photography, I know that He is more than capable of giving us more children. He has given me the desire for more. So I have to trust that He will fulfill that.
6. Chris is still not asleep :(
7. Here's some random pictures!

This was supposed to be Mark's lunch - Chris had just finished his!


TXMom2B said...

This is kinda random, too, but the beauty of your photography never fails to amaze me. Who knew we had such a talented cousin? Also, good luck with the whole pregnancy thing. You know I understand and we'll pray for you. Please God, let us have more babies in the family!!!

Melanie said...

I havent even finished reading yet but I wanted to say that Isaiah went through a phase right around the age Chris is now where for about a month he fought his nap every single day. It ended up being a growth spurt and molars. Stick with it and in a few weeks he'll be himself again! hth!