Thursday, October 9, 2008

Matt and Jessie are Engaged!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session for my cousin, Matt, and his fiance Jessie. I was so excited to do this shoot! I haven't seen much of Matt over the past several years; most of my memories of him are from our family reunions that we had growing up at Seminole football games. Matt, another cousin Jimmy, and I would stay up until all hours running around whatever hotel we stayed at, avoiding our little sisters, and playing poker. (We were like 10 at the time!) But it was fun to finally get to know Jessie, too. They were so cute together! Both have a funny sense of humor; it was fun watching them be silly. I can't wait to do their wedding in December!

I was impressed - they were good at "dipping!"

I was trying to get a particular shot, but when I told Matt to look at the camera he did this funny thing with his eyebrows... so I told him not to make a face with his eyebrows... apparently he does that often, as my comment set them off.


Melanie said...

Jesse is absolutely beautiful! You're so lucky you got to meet her before the wedding! I bet it was fun to see matt again too...though i totally resent your "hiding from our sisters" know how much I wanted to be with you?! :} oh well, such are ten year olds with little sisters I suppose :D

TXMom2B said...

They didn't just hide from the younger sisters, either! Although this big sister didn't mind at all, LOL. Of course, now that we're all big kids, I treasure every phone call:-)

These photos capture them so incredibly well! I can see both the grown man he is as well as the fun guy he's always been. And Jessie is just perfect for him. I can't wait for their wedding!!!

Kristin said...

Wow Care -- great job!

Thanks for posting these -- It's getting to meet Jesse in pictures since I have not had a chance to get to meet her in person.