Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is Chris...

Hey everyone... Chris here. I have noticed that Mom has been slacking when it comes to posting about what is going on with me, so I figured I better keep up with it myself!
To put it simply, I am a busy guy. There is always something to get into, and I am good at finding the things that Mom and Dad really want to keep me out of. I am slowly picking up new words, though I still like to talk in my own language most of the time. And I have also decided that I no longer like being left in the nursury, so I scream whenever Mom leaves. (I think she's getting a little tired of that!) Anyways, here are a few recent pictures of me playing outside:

I can run fast!
This is what I do whenever I hear an airplane. Mom always says that it is Grandpa saying hello to me!
Dad's 2nd 21st birthday was last week, so Mom invited another couple and their little guy, Jason, over for dinner. I was pretty intrigued by our little visitor; I climbed right up next to him on the couch and gave him a hug! However, I sure had Mom fooled. Just as soon as she started thinking what a good big brother I am going to be, I decided that it was much more fun to start pelting poor, unsuspecting Jason with couch pillows! Mom was too busy shielding him from the blows to snap any pictures of that.

And, for those of you who asked, here is a picture of Mom's growing belly. The one on the left is her at 9 weeks, and the one on the right is when she was 14 weeks pregnant with me - even though she'd always heard that you grow faster with the second one, she didn't believe it until she compared these pictures and realizes she was about the same size! But this time around has been a little harder than with me. She is a lot more tired - this morning I had to wake her up when she fell asleep on the couch! And she is eating kind of funny - we've gone through the drive-through at chick-fil-a for quite a few chicken biscuits; she says it is one of the few things that she can eat. I think she's counting the days until she hits the second trimester and hopefully starts feeling more normal.

We hope you are all doing well!


Melanie said...

I cant believe how big Chris is getting...I cant wait to see him in a few weeks! (and of course you and Mark! :)

Shalane said...

Yeah! Chris you clever lil guy! Thanks for the pictures of momma's growing belly....cUUUUUUte!

errol said...

Hahaha... hey this post cracked me up .... Sam asks if you like SPAM.. maybe we can mail over some SPAM nuggets to ya... Anyway napping is a cool thing to do I'm jealous. Shout Out

Carla Jean said...

Awwwww the part about your dad saying hi to Chris is so sweet.