Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congratulations Adam and Ingrid!

One day in June just over 6 years ago I was planning to go out to dinner with a friend of mine. A little while before we were to go she called me and explained that she had been talking to a guy friend of hers, and he had suggested that he and one of his friends join us at dinner. Of course that was fine with me. But little did I know that when my friend's car pulled up outside my apartment later on that inside was my future husband, Mark (he was the friend of the friend). I was reminiscing about that night because last Friday I got to shoot Adam and Ingrid's wedding - and Adam was the one that had suggested they join my friend and I for dinner. So if it wasn't for Adam, I may not have met Mark! I didn't really get to know Ingrid very well until recently, but they are such a fun couple and it is nice to be living close to them again.
Their wedding was at the Crowne Plaza on Melbourne Beach, and it was clear that they had worked hard to make sure it was an enjoyable evening for their friends and family. I also enjoyed having Mark there, as he was one of the groomsmen (there's even a picture of the two of us at the end of the slideshow). One of my friends Brenda was there as well, as her husband was also a groomsman. She started by offering to help me carry some of my gear, and by the end of the night she was shooting with my back-up camera! The wedding coordinator mistook her for my assistant, so she went ahead and stepped into that role. Thanks for your help, Brenda!
Ok, that's enough "talking" - here's the pictures!

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