Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last week two of my friends asked me to take some pictures of their little guys over at a nearby pumpkin patch. I thought it would be fun to grab some shots of Chris as well, so I brought him along. It was fun trying to get all the boys to cooperate!

Of the three, my friend Keenan's son Jason was definitely the easiest.

Poor Dax was NOT happy about having his picture taken! He didn't like the hay, the grass, or anywhere we tried to put him. Finally we got one with his mom holding him.
This picture makes me laugh - it looks like he is praising God!

Gotta love those curls! (All the old ladies in the grocery store do!)

The pumpkin wasn't THAT heavy!

It is so hard to get a picture of Chris actually looking at the camera these days, as he is so used to it that he usually completely ignores me! Even when I call his name, make noises, etc. he just pretends he doesn't even hear me. Especially when we're outside and he's distracted. I really have to work to get him to look at the camera - or at least be really quick when he happens to glance my way!

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Shalane said...

WOW! I can't believe how big all of the boys are getting! I see Chris and Dax more regularly through pictures but I haven't seen Jason since I first went over there when he was BORN! He's like almost a real boy! And Chris's curls are hilarious :) I also like the ultrasound pics.....weird that Nate and I will probably be in California for both your 2nd and Alyson's 2nd baby births....keep me updated!