Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lewis Clan

This weekend I also did some Christmas pictures for my sister Kristin and her family, as she wanted some pictures to send out with Christmas cards. It was interesting watching her and her husband Brian try to get all 9 kiddos dressed nicely and then cooperate for the pictures, but for the most part the kids did great. We did have to break out the lollipops though for Joy and Jane, who are the 18 month old twins :) I am not going to post any of the "final" shots here, as I don't want to ruin it for family members. But these are some of the fun "outtakes".

Here's Kristin and Brian with the newest baby, Belle.

Once we gave the twins lollipops, of course Michael had to have one as well.
Michael, Brian, and Gabe

Even Chris had his first lollipop! He wasn't quite sure what to do with it - he didn't really figure out how to suck on it and swallow at the same time, so he pretty much drooled it all out!

Dawn, Grace, and Ann
There's nothing cuter than a guy with a baby :)
It was definitely tricky getting Joy, Rose, and Jane (Joy and Jane are 18 m. old; Rose is 3 years) to all smile and look at the camera! It took a little bit of theatrics on the part of Kristin and Brian.

Mark and I about died earlier that morning, when Rose had to show us her boo-boo...

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