Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Rachel

Several months ago we met Zeke and Pam through our church, and it is so neat to have a relationship with another family where we can all help one another. Our bathroom was in desperate need of a remodel, and Zeke did an amazing job! We can't wait to have him redo our other bathroom as well (If you are looking for a great contractor, let me know!).
So when they asked me to come and photograph their new daughter, Rachel, I was so excited to be able to help them out. Rachel was born only a few weeks after my Anna (and they also had a homebirth with the same midwife!) and is a beautiful baby! She is very good-natured, and was very patient with the pictures ;) Big sisters Madison and Emma were also around for some shots, and they are so good with Rachel.
Thank you so much, Zeke and Pam, for the opportunity!

These first two pictures are a little different style for me, but they had done the same poses with both of their first two daughters and so wanted the same shots with Rachel. I was pleased with how they turned out!


amy said...

Love the first one and the last two!

Melrose said...

wow, I LOVED those first two pics!!! Esp the first...that was really neat.

Kristin said...

Another great shoot Care. They are all such fun shots... I happen to love the one of the dog... just made me laugh.. and the last one is beautiful. What a sweet family!