Sunday, March 7, 2010

Airplanes and Ice-Cream

Between Mark's job, two busy kids, and my business, there isn't much time for relaxing around here. So when Mark mentioned that there was an air show a few weeks ago, I immediately suggested that we go. For one, we'd never been to one. And Chris loves toy airplanes, so I figured he'd like seeing the real thing. Plus, I know the kids are growing up way too quickly, and I want to do fun things with them while we can!
So, that afternoon we packed the kids up and drove out to the airport. Overall, it was a fun day. We wandered around for a few hours watching a few airplanes take off, looking at the various types of aircraft, and watching (helping) Chris eat his first ice-cream cone. By the time the actual airshow started, though, Chris was bored and starting to act up, so we ended up not being able to watch it. Oh well, there's always next year....

Here's Chris in front of a Piper airplane; the same kind that my dad had.

People were paying to take a ride in this plane.. Chris was DYING to get in!

Me and my baby :)

Chris just ADORES ice-cream (wonder where he gets that from... ), so we got him his first cone. Let's just say he loved it.

Does life get any better than this?

The thing was melting like crazy, but he would not loosen his death-grip on it. Mark got a napkin to try to clean up some of the mess, but Chris simply took the napkin and put it around the cone and kept going. Even though the cone was literally disintegrating in his hand, it didn't slow him down one bit!

I'll take those, Dad.

Daddy's little girl ;)