Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Bryleigh and Elliana!

It seems like just yesterdaythat I headed over to Chris and April's to photograph their itty-bitty twin babies! Bryleigh and Elliana were born 2 months premature, so even though they were 2 months old for their first session they were still the size of typical newborns. But it has been so much fun seeing them grow over the past 10 months! And they really have gotten big! They are sort 0f walking - Bryleigh has taken some steps though Elliana isn't too interested yet.

But here they are all grown up (and at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 months)!

They were NOT interested in having their pictures taken today. First, Elliana was really mad.

Then she settled down and Bryleigh took over!

Elliana is the queen of staring people down :)

We put them in the swings, which was really funny. Bryleigh just kind of sits there looking a little ill, though she doesn't cry or complain.

But Elliana loves it!

Yay! Finally caught an (almost) smile!

Well, never mind...

A few days later I went over to their house for the girls' birthday party. The cake was a hit!

Thank you so much Chris and April for letting me be a part of their first year! I love you guys!

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Melrose said...

love it! :) They are so adorable and I love your eye for candid shots.