Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lisa and Family

For a little over a year now I have been a member of the Bridal Society. I have really enjoyed getting to know the other vendors in the area at our quarterly meetings. And the last meeting was no exception, as I met the fabulous Lisa from Lisa Marshall Photography. We soon discovered that we had one major thing in common (other than the fact that we are both photographers, of course) - we both have 3 year old boys. However, she's got one up on me - she has TWIN 3 year old boys. Oh my goodness - I don't know how she does it.

One problem with being a photographer is that we seldom get pictures with us in them. In fact, Lisa confessed that they had never done family pictures! I had some done back in December by the amazing Errol Colon, but I'm always up for more. So we decided to schedule a swap.

Last weekend we met up in downtown Melbourne for our session. It was a fun and crazy time - imagine trying to get 3 3-year old boys, a baby, two husbands, and two photographers to all cooperate! But everyone did great! We took turns doing each other's families for a few minutes at a time. And after we'd decided the kids had enough, we grabbed some dinner together.

So here's Lisa and her family. Be sure to check out her photos of us on her blog.

Can you tell the boys apart? I can't!

I think this one is my favorite :)

At one point I turned around and spotted this -so cute!

Twin boys.. and they've still got it!

Yes, that is a toy car on her head. We'll do anything to get kids to cooperate! :)

Thank you so much Lisa! I hope you love the shots :)


amy said...

These are great, Care! As always :-)

errol said...

Hey Caroline, as usual love the pics...Lisa, you and your family look wonderful..!

Kristin said...

Aww Care -- you were worried you didn't get any good ones? They are fabulous!