Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Logan and Charles: Part !!

A few weeks ago I met up with Logan and Charles for part 2 of their engagement session. We had done part 1 several weeks ago, but they wanted to do some at the Cocoa Pier, so we planned to finish the session there. I enjoyed meeting up with them again; they are a fun couple and are up for anything :)

This is apparently the very spot that Charles kissed Logan for the first time, and where they got engaged.


I don't know if this was so much a sweet moment as much as it was a "if I fall, you're going in with me". :)

I love getting the same shot from different perspectives.. Here's the shot from one angle,

And this was taken from the other side.

We went down some stairs intending to walk onto the beach, but the tide was up so this was as far as we got.

Ok... (not so) funny story... so Logan and Charles started making a little drip castle. I got this great idea to put Logan's ring on the castle for a ring shot. Logan and Charles stood a little distance off while I took it. I got the shot below, and then decided to switch my lens for a different angle. I stood up and took off the lens, and it was at that moment that A WAVE CAME. I'm not kidding. A wave. It was like slow motion- the wave came and knocked the castle over. The ring disappeared. The three of us dropped to our knees, but the water was so cloudy it was impossible to see anything. The wave finally receeded... and the ring was still there. Oh my word - I don't think I have ever been so scared. And I definitely learned my lesson - no more rings within 5 miles of the water! (Of course, I would have replaced it.. but I would have had a hard time explaining that one to Mark!) Logan and Charles were super nice about it... I don't think I have recovered yet.


errol said...

Great pics.... and I can only imagine what you were thinking when that wave came in.....NOOOOOOOO! Whew....)

Logan said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! :-D What you didn't add to the ring story is that it probably would have washed into the ocean if you hadn't grabbed into the water and caught it. Charles & I couldn't be more thankful!!!