Friday, October 8, 2010

Logan and Megan are Engaged!

I was excited to meet up with Logan and Megan for their engagement photos a few weeks ago; they live in Virginia Beach so I hadn't had the chance to meet them yet. But I knew that as fellow Seminole fans, they were bound to be a great couple... and I wasn't disappointed :) Are they cute or what? We had a great time shooting their engagement photos, and I am excited for their wedding next month.

About halfway through the session Megan commented that they were having a great time shooting the session, and that they felt really comfortable with me. That was the best compliment I could have gotten! I know it can be stressful and uncomfortable being in front of the camera, so I'm glad I was able to make it fun for them.

I love this next one - kind of random, and I don't remember what was so funny, but I love Logan's expression and her laughter. One of the things that Megan loves about him is that he makes her laugh... I think this photo captures that!

Thanks so much you two for hanging out with me! I can't wait to work with you again next month.

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Melrose said...

I absolutely love the laughing one all the way down to the one on the dock!! They are so cute together!