Monday, June 16, 2008

The Lewis Plague

Last weekend I had a wedding to shoot up in Jacksonville, so I planned to stay with my sister Kristin, her husband Brian, and their 8 kids (+1 on the way) :). Her babies were just getting over being sick, but we figured it was safe for me to stay there anyway. I stopped in for about 5 minutes on Saturday - long enough to snap a few quick shots of her babies - and didn't get back until late that night. The next morning I woke up to the news that the rest of the family were dropping like flies. Kristin had apparently been sick all night, and two more of her daughters got sick that morning. I had to laugh as Brian quickly started handing out buckets to the rest of the kids, while I left as quick as I could in an attempt to avoid the plague! It's a good thing he had those buckets, as by the time it was all over 7 of the 8 had it. As for me, it appears that I didn't leave fast enough, though I seem to have a less intense but longer lasting form of it... I've been feeling sick for a few days off and on, and last night in the middle of the night I lost my dinner... yuck.

EDIT: After talking to a few people who read this post, I realized that the above symptoms do make it sound like I could be pregnant. So, to answer your question, I'M NOT. Not yet, anyway :)

Anyway, here's a few shots that I love of her youngest babies, 1-year old twins Joy and Jane.

I love little Joy's feet in this one.

What's up?

Rose didn't quite get the idea of just keeping the bucket close by... this is how she walked around while I was there!

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Kristin said...

Aww Care -- I'm so sorry you ended up getting sick after-all. I hope your better now! The picture are cute!