Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sea World

During the week that Mark had off between jobs, we decided to take Chris to Sea World for a day. Let's just say he's still a bit young for the park! He did fine during the first show, which was the sea lions. Then after walking around a bit we went to the Sesame Street show. That time, it keeping him still required a steady stream of goldfish crackers. After lunch we hit the Shamu show. You have to get to the stadium at least 30 minutes early to get seats, so while we waited I let Chris amuse himself by climbing up and down the stairs. Well, once the show started he had no desire to sit still. So poor Mark had to miss the show and take him outside to run around. At that point we decided to call it a day. :)

A sweet moment with daddy

I have to admit, I thought the sea lions were hysterical!
Chris's favorite part of the day: all of the stairs!

The Shamu show was as good as ever.
Chris's second favorite part of the day: when we shared our lemonade with him while we were leaving!

Things have been busy around here, as usual. Mark started his new job, and it seems to be going well. This past weekend I went to Jacksonville to shoot a wedding - I'll be blogging about that soon. While there I also got to take a few shots of my sister Melanie and her family as well as my sister Jessica and her fiance. So, I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on... stay tuned!
I had a funny moment today that I thought I'd share. When I put Chris down for his nap, I sat down to take care of something on my computer. I promised God that as soon as I finished it, I would do my quiet time. I took care of it, but then saw some emails that I wanted to work on... it was at that moment that my laptop battery died! I sensed God saying "You said you'd come hang out as soon as you took care of that ONE thing..." and I had to laugh. But I couldn't help but think how cool it is that God is so anxious to hang out with me (just as He is with you!) that He'll do whatever it takes. I hope that today you can know the sweet love of Jesus!

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