Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scott and Jessica are engaged!

I can hardly believe that my littlest sister is all grown up! Jessica is engaged to be married to a great guy, and I am so excited for her (and, of course, excited that I get to shoot her wedding in November!) They didn't really have any pictures of the two of them, so while I was in Jacksonville we headed out to a park to grab a few. Welcome to the family, Scott!


Jessica said...

Caroline these are amazing! we love them! we are so excited to have you come do a real engagement session and thrilled you will be shooting the wedding! thank you so much for taking the time to do these for us! we love you!!

amy said...

Caroline, dear - you are amazing. Your photos are so beautiful! I am loving coming to your site and hoping there are new photos to see. You are growing in your talents with each new shoot, and I love watching that! I also love getting to see pictures of your family. I can't believe that they are all grown and getting married and having more babies. (If you guys are reading this Congratulations to Jessica on your engagement and to Kristen and Melanie, your babies are beautiful :-) I miss you, friend! I keep trying to work out a visit to Florida, but crazy life keeps getting in the way. Maybe July... Love you!