Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Ali: Session 2

Recently I headed over to Rye and Eddie's house for baby Ali's second session. It is amazing how much she grew in just two months! (She was one week old at her first session, and 8 weeks here.) We decided for this shoot to try to capture their normal evening routine - so we did in about an hour what normally takes them several! We just did a little bit of everything. Little Ali was a great sport, and it was a lot of fun :)

Love those feet!

Such a sweet smile :)

Heading out for a walk


She didn't seem to mind getting water in her face.

This one is so we can see how much she's grown... we took one in the same pose at our first session. (It's the last one).

After bathtime is "dinner"...

Haley decided to hang out this time.

Relaxing in front of their favorite shows

Rye wanted some pictures of Ali in the dress that she came home from the hospital in, before she grows out of it.

"Please, no more pictures!"

"I'm done."

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Heather said...

so cute especially the peek a boo looking one!