Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alex and Kellie are Engaged!

Last week I met up with Alex and Kellie to shoot their engagement session. And I am seriously so excited about Kellie and Alex's wedding! For one, the two come from completely different backgrounds: Alex's family comes from Puerto Rico, while Kellie's comes from California. I can't even imagine how the reception will be! But I know it will be so much fun!
Second, they are such considerate people, and both have a fun sense of humor. I really enjoyed just hanging out with them during their session. They are one of those couples that just seems to "fit" together, and that makes my job easy :)
We started the day off at the Rockledge Country Club, which is where they are having their wedding and reception. We then headed over to Cocoa Village for some more fun...

I love how Kellie holds Alex's pinky finger :)

This is the room where their reception is going to be, so I had them practice their first dance...

I love Kellie's eyes in this shot!

Disclaimer: I know the next two shots are not great on my part... but they make me laugh. In the first one, there were these random people riding their bikes, and this one yelled something out.. I turned with my camera, and this is what he did! He then yelled out something else unintelligible - I think it was actually his email address, but I didn't quite catch it. So, if you are the guy in the picture and you want a copy, just email me!

In this one, I saw this mural on the wall and thought it was funny.. so I told them to pretend they were part of it :) I guess I was in a bit of a silly mood!

One of the things that Kellie loves about Alex is how he makes her feel safe. I think this picture is a reflection of that.

Congratulations you two! I can't wait for your wedding!

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amy said...

These are great, Care! They just keep getting better and better...