Monday, August 31, 2009

Ryan and Brittany are Engaged!

I have to admit, I was a tad intimidated at the beginning of Brittany and Ryan's engagement session. I had never met either of them, as they live in Louisianna but were in town visiting Ryan's family. We had planned to meet up at a gas station so that they could follow me over to our first site... I was standing in the parking lot when up pulled two cars full of people! It turned out that their families wanted to come along for the fun. And while I confess I was a little nervous at first, it ended up being a great time! Their families were fabulous, and I enjoyed getting to know them as well.
And it helped that Brittany and Ryan were such a fun couple to work with! Not only are they adorable, but they seemed completely at ease in front of the camera - which is very rare. They were willing to do anything I asked, which also helps :)

Is this hot or what?!

We liked the writing on the bridge in the background :)

I loved Ryan's glasses.. and that I could see Brittany's reflection in them.

I think it's cute how she holds his finger!

The whole gang :)


Brittany said...

absolutly breathtaking! i could not be any happier thank you so so much

Saint Pete Niki said...

Amazing photos! Love all of them.

Brianna said...

I wish I had gobs of money to spend! I would be on the phone right now calling you!!!