Friday, April 1, 2011

Charles and Logan: Photo Booth!

To say that I was really excited when Logan asked me about the possibility of setting up a photo booth at hers and Charles's wedding reception would be a huge understatement. It was actually something that I had thought about several times, but just had never had the opportunity to pursue. So when she mentioned that she wanted to do it, I jumped at the chance! I think the booth was a huge hit - every time I looked over, there were at least as many people at the booth as there was on the dance floor. I had another photographer, Rachel, taking most of the shots - though it was impossible for me to resist jumping in and taking some of my own. But it went perfectly - the guests really got into it, and seemed to enjoy playing with the props that we had available. If you are interested in having me do one at your event, shoot me an email at for more info and pricing.

This next one was definitely my favorite. Hysterical!

Logan's grandparents joined the fun :)

Even their parents got in on the action! Here's Logan's mom and dad...

followed by Charles's.

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