Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bray and Leslie - the Day After

Bray and Leslie's Hilton Head wedding was perfect in every way - except that it rained! Right as the outdoor ceremony was supposed to start, the skies just opened. Fortunately the clubhouse had a pretty foyer that they could use. However, due to the weather and all of the confusion surrounding it we didn't really get a chance to get any shots of just the two of them. So we decided that the next day they would get dressed back up and we would do it then. And it worked out perfectly! The weather was gorgeous, Leslie's hair and flowers were just as beautiful as the night before, and we ended up with more time than we would have gotten had the weather cooperated on their wedding day. So it definitely worked out for the best!

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errol said...

Hey Caroline, again great work, beautiful bride and just a great looking couple. Love the colors and comp in to you soon!!