Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One to Ten: Part Two

For the first shoot at the One to Ten workshop, we went to this shipyard that was just amazing. There were all kinds of boats there, most of which were falling apart. They looked like they had just been kind of thrown there! In some places, there was just these piles of debris. I honestly think it was my favorite location that I have ever shot in!
We were met there by a few groups of models: two couples, and one family. I am including a few of the shots I got of the couples below; the family shots will be in the next post. Having more photographers (there was 11 of us) than models (8 altogether) has both it's benefits and challenges... it was really good to be able to bounce ideas off of each other, and to watch how other photogs worked with the models. It was also a challenge in that it forced me to try to think outside the box to get the angle that no one else was getting. I can honestly say that I loved every second, and was sad when it was time to leave!

You'd never guess from these shots, but this couple was actually not a couple. They'd both been recruited by Millie's staff, and had met before, but were definitely not "together". But they were great at pretending!

You can't wear a wedding gown and not have a ring... that is actually my engagement ring she's wearing!

I think this one is my favorite...
One of the boats had a huge hole in the side, so we stuck her inside and set up some flashes and pocket wizards behind her for this shot.

Stay tuned for the family shots, as well as pictures from the night shoot that followed this one...


Jackie Beale said...

How fun! They did such a great job 'pretending' lol. I love them!! I love the mixture of lots of sunshine and then the grungy ones :)

Lain Eubank said...

The look on his face in the picture where she is wearing your engagement ring is priceless! I LOVE it!