Friday, April 3, 2009

Congratulations Bray and Leslie!

I was so excited to shoot Bray and Leslie's wedding last weekend for a number of reasons... For one, they are such a beautiful couple! And they are both so laid back and fun to work with. The location was also amazing; it was held at the Port Royal Golf Club on Hilton Head Island.
The day of the wedding, all eyes were on the sky. It was forcasted to rain, which would be a problem for their outdoor ceremony! They decided to try to hold it outside anyway, and while they were getting ready we all just prayed that the rain would hold off long enough for their 5:30 ceremony...

Isn't Leslie gorgeous??

The guys weren't so bad, either ;)

I loved the bridesmaids' dresses!

The guests and parents of the couple were seated... here is what the sky was looking like!

No sooner had their parents sat down, then the sky just opened up. Everyone paused for a split second, then took off running for the clubhouse.

Fortunately, the foyer of the clubhouse was really pretty and was large enough to hold the ceremony in. Bray and Leslie took it all in stride, and even the change of plans didn't get them down.

Their cake was amazing! Flowers by Sue did an amazing job with all of the flowers for the wedding.

I love this shot of their rings on the ringbearer's pillow.

Their first dance

The father-daughter dance gets me every time! I especially love the second shot - the light makes me think of the (corny) expression "twinkle in his eye". And as she is his only child, that is probably a fitting description!

Bray dancing with his mom

Tossing the bouquet...

It was caught by her sister ;)

Bray's fraternity serenaded Leslie - I was impressed!

The DJ, Jamie from My Hilton Head Weddings, did an incredible job of keeping the party going. He played just the right music that kept everyone out on the dance floor. Everyone had a great time!

As graduates of UF, both of them are huge Gator fans. So it was only fitting that their last dance ended to the Gator fight song!

As they made their exit, their guests lined the path with sparklers. I love this shot of Leslie's dad; it makes me wonder what was going through his mind as his daughter was about to leave!


Because of the rain and the ensuing chaos, we didn't really get a chance to get pictures of the two of them alone. So we made plans to meet the following morning to get a few... so stay tuned!


James said...

What a great couple. The rain did not change their attitude one bit. It was obvious that they came to get married and have a great wedding and reception.....and that they did. Liz and I were honored to be part of something so much bigger than just a wedding reception. Great couple, great venue, great food, great vendors and an awesome crowd almost always turn out to be a winning combination.

Kristin said...

Great work Care! That picture of the father when they were leaving made me tear-up. Awesome!

Melrose said...

I just saw this set, I dont know how I missed it, but the picture of the Dad with his sparkler made me cry.

I for one know our Dad would be so amazingly proud of this incredible gift you have. You're amazing.