Monday, May 18, 2009

Words Cannot Express

Wow - where do I even begin? The last 4 days (has it really already been that long?) have been amazing. I have experienced just about every emotion in the book - and at times, all at once! Anna is a perfect and beatiful little girl, and we are all in love. She has been sleeping a lot, of course. The first two nights were a little rough as she decided she'd rather be awake, but last night was much better. Nursing is going alright, although I am a little concerned by her lack of interest - she just doesn't want to eat very much. I'm taking her for her check-up on Wednesday, though, so we'll see what he says. But she is truly a joy!
Apparently on the last post I forgot to put her full name: Anna Ryan. Anna comes from Anna in the Bible. She was a prophetess who lived in the temple, worshipping day and night, and when Jesus's parents brought him in as an infant she recognized Him as the promised Messiah. Early in my pregnancy the Lord put the prayer in my heart that my Anna would do the same: in her heart, she would live in the temple of the Lord in prayer and worship day and night. And Ryan was my dad's mom's middle name, which was her mom's maiden name. My grandmother was a godly woman who loved Jesus until the day she died, and I can't imagine a better legacy.
Anyway, many of you have been asking for more pictures... so here you go! I apologize for the quality of many of them.. we've been a little too preoccupied to play with camera settings :)

Nursing the baby minutes after she was born.

20 inches long

7 lb 4 oz.

Daddy's little girl

Meeting big brother Chris

He kept trying to take her out of our arms!

Here, Mom, let me take her

He kept giving her his toys!

Snoozing her life away...

Poor girl, I think she's got the Weidner ears... But doesn't she remind you of (a really cute) Yoda?

Modeling her new cloth diapers... this is the pink cover

Ooops... forgot to rotate this one. But this is the actual diaper underneath.


Melrose said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for posting so many, my favorites are the ones Chris is in :D He and Anna are so cute together! I love the one where he gave her the cute. And hey, she's got to have the Weidner ears since she's named after that side :D I think they're adorable!

Shalane said...

She does look like a little yoda!! LOL But totally sweet and precious! I love seeing her pictures. I hope you are feeling great and getting some rest proud momma of two :)

Stephanie said...

How sweet! Caroline, she is absolutely beautiful! I'm in love with the "snow white" fuzz on her little head! I am glad to hear all is going so well. Enjoy her now, and always, because as you know, the time really flies!

amy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! She is beautiful. Can't wait to get to meet her in person. I will start working on my next trip to FL...

Looks like Mark decided not to send her back :-)

Carla Jean said...

Congratulations, Caroline! Somehow I completely missed the birth post. She is beautiful, and she looks so content. I am so happy for you and your family. (Oh, and I LOVE her name.)

Kristin said...

O.k... I am seeing the yoda thing ;-) Too funny! She is the cutest yoda I've ever seen, though!

Love the pictures! Can't wait to meet her in person & I too love the blonde fuzz on her head! Adorable!

Heather said...


Melrose said...

she's so cute, I cant stop looking at her pictures, she is sooo cute!!! And I have to say, I agree with everyone else, that white fuzz is the cutest thing fun if she ends up having long blonde curls!!! so sweet. And the yoda thing? yep, totally adorable!

Angel Gray Photography said...

Yay! Congratulations! I'm glad I checked back, was thinking she HAD to be born by now! Mary had her first dance recital and when I was posting a few pics of that on my blog I thought of you and how much fun it is to have a girl! The pink diaper is just the beginning!