Friday, May 29, 2009

More Baby Anna

The past two weeks have been just amazing. I absolutely LOVE being the mom of my two kids! Life has never been busier, but also never sweeter. Anna is truly a joy! She is such a content baby - I think I've heard her cry twice. Other than that she just kind of hangs out, sleeps, and eats. Our nights have been ok, as she does seem to have some problems with gas in her tummy - but only in the middle of the night. It doesn't cause her to cry, but she lays there and grunts really loud. But, it could be much worse!
Here are some random pictures from the last two weeks. I finally made the time today to sit down and start organizing them all... so there are quite a few here!

I love this picture of my family hanging out and watching cartoons!

Our first family picture

I'm planning on taking this same picture each month so I can see how she grows...

Big brother checking her out...

Snoozing her life away!

Unlike Chris, Anna seems to like the pacifier sometimes. Here she is relaxing on my lap while I work!

Her first bath

Mom and baby all ready for our first trip to church (Thank you Amy for the little dress!)

A lot of people have asked me if I think she looks like Chris. So I finally got some pictures to compare. The first one is Anna, and the next one is Chris at about the same age. What do you think?

I don't think there is much resemblance at this point! Guess we'll have to wait and see...


Shalane said...

Hmm I say their hairline looks the same and their noses look similar but they don't really look 'alike' in my book :) She is beautiful though! And I'm glad to see that the umbilical cord is gone already-that things is so gross looking and I didn't know how long it sticks around but judging by your pictures, not long! Yea!!! Nate will be excited to know that :)

amy said...

I don't think that she looks like Chris, either. It will be fun to compare as she gets older. She is beautiful, Care! And you look great, as always. You guys look like such a happy family! Thanks for posting the pics for the sake of your faraway friends :-) Love you.

Shannon said...

Little Miss Anna is gorgeous! You guys make some pretty kiddos! ;) I don't think they look alike either, actually Anna reminds me more of your sisters for some reason.

I'm jealous of those beautiful pics you have of your baby. I wish I had pics like that of Addison. Jeff sold our camera right before the baby came because it didn't take good inside pictures, but in my mind, some poor quality pictures are better than no pictures at all. Most of the pics we have are courtesy of friends, or parents. :(

School is out for the summer, so if you want to hang out, let me know! Love you lots, Shae

Jackie Beale said...

it was so great to meet you guys! Your baby is just the cutest. Very beautiful family :)

Steve and Shannon Mersinger said...

Caroline - she is absolutely adorable! So glad to hear that she's a chill baby! I love seeing all your pics, so thanks for posting them! Will be praying for the job situation... keep us updated. Peace