Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday Sessions: Sunday Part 2

3 days.. 12 families.. whew! Here are the last two of the 12 families that I photographed for the Holiday sessions :)

Jonathan and Michelle came out with their son Josiah (and Trenton... almost) :) I love Josiah's baby curls.. and isn't Michelle a cute pregnant lady?!

And last but not least... Greg and Jen and their son Evan.

I love this sequence of shots.. especially the hat. :)

Some tilt-shift love.. I'm still learning it, but am having a lot of fun playing!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out! I had so much fun with each and every family - each was so different, and yet it was awesome to see so many families who just love each other. I hope these photos are a blessing to you!

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Saint Pete Niki said...

Caroline...just awesome photos!