Friday, October 9, 2009

My Random, Funny Kids...

Some days my kids make me pull my hair out.. and some days they just make me laugh. Today (for the most part!) was one of the funny days.
For one, Chris was on sugar overload - all day! I was frosting Mark's birthday cake this morning, and Chris got ahold of the leftover frosting: "MMmmmm, good!" was all I heard! Then we went to the grocery store, where he sweet-talked the bakers into a free cookie. It's no wonder that he wouldn't take his nap in the afternoon! I tried to get him to go down for one, but that didn't work.
After that attempt, one of my friends Keenan dropped her little guy Jason off for a little while. Chris and Jason love playing together, and all I heard for a few hours was "C'mon Jason! Come here Jason!" Keenan had brought over a few frozen pops for the boys, so we stripped them down to their diapers and brought them outside to eat them.

Next, I decided to get "crafty" and see if the boys would paint little pumpkins. Jason had no interest whatsoever, and Chris only wanted to smear the paint around on the plates - for about a minute.

Sweet Anna was enjoying the show :)

And showing me her belly!

Then, this evening we celebrated Mark's birthday with a yummy chocolate cake! Chris's excitement over the cake had been growing as the day wore on - in fact, we discovered a dirty spoon in the silverware drawer - apparently at some point he decided to help himself to the cake!

After cake, which was Chris's 4th sugar intake of the day, he was starting to get really silly. He took Mark's glasses off his face and put them on - he looked hysterical!

Ok, I know this has been a really random post. But, I hope it brought a smile to your face! I am so blessed to have such great kids! ;)

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Jackie Beale said...

lol, I love random posts like this! It definitly made me laugh :)