Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna is 6 Months Old and Stylish!

Oh, my sweet Anna!

In the past month, Anna has of course continued to grow - she is getting so big! However, I haven't taken her for her 6 month appointment yet, though, so I have no idea how much she weighs. But, she is getting stronger and learning new "tricks". She can roll over from her tummy to her back pretty easily, and is starting to roll the other way as well. We're working on sitting up, though she can only do it for a second before she tips over. And then just the other day Mark was letting her chew on his finger, and he commented that he felt something sharp... sure enough, her first tooth had poked through!

The pictures below I took as a newborn, and then on the 15th of each subsequent month. She isn't really fitting on the chair anymore very well - I actually had to catch her right as she rolled off the edge this time!

Recently I was reading the blog of one of my friends, Shannon, who has a daughter about Anna's age, and I noticed that she had on the most adorable little bow. I kept meaning to ask Shannon about it, but never got around to it. However, not long after she sent me an email, telling me about a business that she is starting. It turns out that she MADE the adorable bow I'd seen in the picture. Of course I couldn't resist getting a few for Anna...

If you are interested in purchasing some bows yourself, you have a few options. She has a website,, but it isn't quite ready yet. So, in the meantime you can visit; just click on "loop de loop bows" on the left side. You can also custom order bows at I had no idea what kind of bows to get, so I just emailed Shannon pictures of a few of Anna's outfits, and told her that I wanted bows to match them. And she picked out the perfect colors and styles! I also love the headband.. it fits just right, and isn't so tight that it leaves red marks. Just think.. Christmas is coming! These bows make the perfect stocking stuffer. Her prices are really reasonable, and the bows are very well made.


Saint Pete Niki said...

You and your sisters would have had these bows too! Love all the pics! Mom

Shannon said...

Oh she is BEAUTIFUL and the bows are perfect on her! I'm thrilled that you are happy with them! Thanks for sharing my info with your readers! Blessings, Shannon

Melrose said...

You know, I just realized how much Anna looks like mark too! I always thought she looked just like you but the very last picture I totally see Mark, ESP his eyes. I love how kids are such a good mix of their parents :) and those bows...oh man, i hope I have someone to put them on soon :)