Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Ali is 6 Months Old!

The older babies get, the more fun they get to photograph! And baby Ali is no exception. Because I photograph her every 2 months, I get to see all of the changes and new "tricks" - I love it!
At 6 months old, Ali is quite active! She can already roll over both ways, sit up, and is even starting to sort of "crawl". (All of that is amazing to me: Anna is only 5 weeks younger, but can only roll from her tummy to her back!)
Enjoy the pictures!

Sand does not taste good :)

Here's Ali as a newborn, and at 2, 4, and 6 months.


Melrose said...

These photos were absolutely breathtaking...every one of them!

oh, and I forgot to say before, you have the cutest little pirate ever ;)

TXMom2B said...

These are just phenomenal! If money were no object, I'd fly down now for an updated photo shoot ourselves:-D

Shirley said...

Ali looks so much like Rye! Caroline I LOVE these pics their soo good! The one's of them on the beach are my fav!

Wright-Wallace Photography said...

i just adore these too, you always capture the moment just right. i bought black back drops and want to photograph my friends' babies and was wondering how you set up the all black around shot?? they one of the baby on the couch is just too cute, do you use any additonally lighting? my fav of the family is the 3 of them on the beach sitting down, was the sky really that blue? and last fav is the close up photo of the baby on the beach, the one before she eats the sand, its just so blue around her and dreamy, how did you do that? so beautiful.