Monday, November 16, 2009

Godspeed Atlantis

Today we had an opportunity to do something that we will probably never get to do again, and also something that most people never get to do: we got to watch a space shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center. Not only were we on the grounds of the Space Center, but we were as close as anyone was allowed to get - in the same place as the astronauts' families!

Mark's new job is at a company called ASRC Aerospace, and they are a company that does contract work out at NASA. Currently the project he is working on is the ground support for the new rocket program. But whenever there is a launch, NASA gives his company three tickets, and the company does a drawing for the spots. This time, Mark was one of the winners. He was allowed to take 3 people, so me, his mom, and Anna came along. (We would have loved to take Chris, but as we had to get there at least an hour early we knew there was no way he'd make it.)

It was an incredible experience - I was so excited! It was just amazing to watch. There was such a sense of excitement, anticipation, patriotism, nervousness, and awe. When the shuttle was given a go for launch, there was a round of applause and a collective cheer from those who were watching, and again after the successful lift-off. I really wish that my dad could have been there!

We had lunch while we waited.. Anna wanted some chips :)

The Vehicle Assembly Building, which is where the shuttle is built. It is one of the largest buildings in the world. The lower part on the left side where the long strip of windows is the launch command center.

This is part of the ground support that is under construction for the new rocket, though this part isn't being worked on by Mark's company.

We were even closer than the press!


My favorite is the picture in the top left. Just amazing!

Here's that picture a little bigger...

I am still in awe of the God-given intelligence that made this all happen. I bet He is just as proud!


Lain Eubank said...

Way Cool!! I have always wanted to see a shuttle launch in person.

April said...

Your sister linked me to your blog, VERY cool photos!!! Thanks for sharing this! (I'm a MOMYS in case she wonders ;)

Caroline said...

Thanks for checking my blog, April! I'm guessing that it was Kristin? (sorry, there's actually 4 of us so I wasn't sure which sister you meant) :)