Monday, June 7, 2010

All Grown Up

Good grief, I am getting old. A few weeks ago I headed up to Jacksonville at the request of my little brother Luke to photograph him and his friends heading off to prom. Now, there is about a 12 year age gap between me and him... so when I went off to college he was about 6. And to be honest (and he'll probably kill me for saying this) when I think of him I still remember him as the sweet little baby that I used to rock to sleep! And now he is old enough for PROM?!

Anyways, I couldn't be prouder of Luke. He is the captain of his school's drum line (and has been for 3 years!), holds a leadership position within the drama department, and even has the lead for his school's fall production!

Here's a few pictures of the group heading off to their prom. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

This is my brother and his date, who was a good friend of his. Isn't she cute? :) (the boutonnieres were giving them some problems.)

Here's the whole group - they definitely have personality!

All of the corsages were made by my stepmom Sherrie, who owns From The Heart Flowers And Gifts.

The handsome guys

This one makes me smile ;)

I was rather impressed when the girls insisted on jumping as well!

Luke and my stepmom (his mom) Sherrie

I love this one, too.

And this one...

Me and Luke (and Anna). Can you see any resemblance?

Ok.. so this is random. But when I go into town I stay with my sister Kristin, who has just had her tenth baby (yes, you read that right). So I snapped a few of baby Hope while I was there.


Melrose said...

as always your pictures are fantastic and it helps that the stud with the blond hair is in them ;) you looked awesome luke.

Miss Hope, you are one sweet little girl and I cant wait to get my arms around you.

Thanks for taking and showing such awesome pictures Caroline, you are so talented.

Oh and Mom, i love your short hair!!!

Kristin said...

AWESOME!! Crazy that pic of you & Luke ... I've never really looked at the 2 of u side-by-side... Major resemblance. Love all those pictures!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Oh my gosh, that is so freaky to see Luke grown up. I remember him running around in his diapers when I used to spend the night at your house! :-)

amy said...

Yep. We're getting old...