Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Congratulations Frank and Lauren

Lauren and Frank's wedding was seriously one of the cutest weddings ever :) They are such a cute couple, and so happy together! I loved seeing their smiles throughout the day.

Lauren is actually completing a family of four: Kristen, Evan, and Andrew are Frank's kids. I am guessing this shot is a pretty accurate glimpse into family life :)

Frank and Lauren were going to be spending their first night at a little bed and breakfast called Port D'Hiver. From the outside it just looks like a few old buildings.. but once you go through the gate, it is beautiful! There are some little courtyards with fountains, trees, a footbridge, etc. So we headed over there before the reception for some pictures.

Then we went over to the beach...

I love this shot!!

Then over to a nearby park.

This is another favorite!

All the girls had their hair done at Essentials Spa - I highly recommend them; they do beautiful work.

Their reception was at Djon's Steak and Lobster house - it was a unique venue for the party.

Frank's youngest son turned out to be quite a dancer! I asked Frank if he got it from him, and he said no. But, I believe the pictures tell quite a different story. I'll let you make the call :)

And here's their slideshow!

Congratulations! I hope you love the photos!

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