Sunday, June 13, 2010


For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom. I really didn't have any desire to work outside the home. And now I am a mom.. but I also have a business that frequently takes me away from my kids. To be honest, sometimes I struggle with that. I miss them when I am gone! I hate missing even a single moment - it is going so quickly.
But, I have also come to realize that it can be a good thing. For one, when I am away it makes me appreciate the time that I am with them! I usually come home renewed and ready to play again. Also, I think it is good for them to be around other people. I love when Mark is home with them, but sometimes I have to call a babysitter.. and that isn't such a bad thing.
Case in point... last week I had to leave for a session, so I had our regular babysitter with the kids. Chris had recently watched "the Incredibles", and had become slightly obsessed with superheros. When I came back from shooting, the sitter had tucked a dish towel into the back of Chris's shirt so that he could pretend it was a cape. It was genius - he loved it. And I had never thought of doing that. So it made me feel a little better about leaving them - I realized they are getting exposed to things that I might not come up with. So that's a good thing. And he loved his cape - he wore it for two days straight, including to bed!

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Melrose said...

Care!!! You want genius?! Take an old adult t-shirt and cut up the back on both sides, leaving the neck hole attached, but cutting all the way around the neck so the front and sleeves of the shirt fall off!!! Now you have a super superhero cape that just pops over his head! :D Takes 2 seconds!

A friend of mine did this and painted the first initial of each kid on the back of the shirt, too cute. You can also take a scrap of the left over shirt and cut a long strip and cut eye holes in it to tie around his head, Isaiah loves his!