Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rob and Olivia are Engaged!

A few weeks ago, after several failed attempts (weather, etc.), I finally got to meet up with Rob and Olivia for their engagement photos. We started up in Cocoa Village and finished at the beach. Their wedding is next month (10.10.10) so we were cutting it close! But I enjoyed getting to know the two of them.
Rob and Olivia met at work - they were both teaching. Fortunately Rob is a persistent guy - even though Olivia shot him down twice (supposedly she had other plans...) he kept at it and they've been together ever since :) They are both laid-back, and laughed a lot together.
I hope you enjoy the photos!

One of their favorite things to do is read, especially under their umbrella on the beach. So I had them bring it along for a few shots...

And of course we had to include some books as well.

This one was Rob's idea.. :)

Thank you two so much! I am looking forward to your wedding next month ;)

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